Links and Resources

Here are some resources that God has used (or is using) in my life to teach me and grow me into the image of His Son:   –   Worship Matters – Bob Kauflin.  Kauflin has proven to be a very gospel-oriented, thoughtful voice in the area of worship in the New Testament church. Much of his material is of great use and has great value.   –   The Gospel Coalition – I am more familiar with some authors here than others, so the degree to which I can recommend articles and blogs here varies. But use discernment (obviously) and I think you’ll find many great thought-provoking, biblical resources to sharpen your mind and heart.   –   Talk the Walk. Pastor Herb Hunter – Here you will find the pastoral heart of a man (my pastor and cousin) seeking to strengthen his own walk with God and allow that walk to spill over into the lives of his congregation.   –   Set Apart for the Gospel of God – Here you will find some thoughts and perspectives from the somewhat unique vantage point of a Bible college president. This position allows for much travel, lots of interaction with pastors and church leaders around the world, and can result in somewhat of a “birds-eye” view of what’s going on in the church. Not to mention several decades of pastoral experience to share in an effort to strengthen us in our ministry and service endeavours.   –   Grace to You – From the ministry of John MacArthur comes articles, sermons, videos, and thoughts bourn out of a great balance between his skills as a systematic bible teacher, and his heart as a pastoral shepherd.

NOTE: There’s many, many more that I could list here. And perhaps I will work on adding more as time allows. But if you’re looking for good, biblical, God-exalting materials, this list will get you started. Don’t forget – as always with any endorsements no matter to what degree – you need to use discernement as you read and learn. Be a Berean and test all things with scripture. I do not fully agree with everything taught by everyone listed in the above resources. I list them due to their overall value in edifying your relationship with God.


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