I am nobody important, or worth listening to. So why am I starting a blog?

The short version is that God is doing really awesome things in my life and I want to share those things with other believers. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to share some of what God has taught me over the last year so that His name can be exalted in it. This blog is the answer to those prayers.

Here’s the basics: my name is Kevin Burrill. I was born into a Christian home in Saint John, NB Canada and was raised in church, completely surrounded by the gospel. God chose to use these surroundings to teach me about His gospel and draw me to faith in His son’s death on the cross in my place at the early age of 6. As a teenager, I decided to give one year of Bible college a try and see what God wanted to do with my life. I fell in love with the heart and philosophy of Northland International University after a visit with my youth group and decided that was where I would begin my theological training. I studied Sacred Music in preparation for a life of serving God with my passion for music in the church. In 2002 (my freshman year) I met a beautiful blond with an enormous passion for God’s glory. Her name was Heather. 4 short years later we were married and serving in our first ministry position as Assistant Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Edmonton, AB.

God taught me many great things in those first few formative years of ministry. The pendulum swung from unrealistic, visionary idealism to the gruelling realities of a sinner ministering to other sinners to a more balanced, gospel-centred, realistic passion for Christ (with lots of mistakes, regrets, blessings, lessons, and opportunities to see God’s grace at work along the way).

In November of 2011 my wife Heather was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer after investigating two weeks of increasingly strong headaches. After 3 major surgeries in only a few weeks the aggressive potency of her particular cancer surprised the doctors and us. It became evident that it was only a matter of time. We quickly said goodbye to our church family and friends and in January moved across Canada to the east coast to stay with my parents for logistical and familial support. By March 6th, the cancer – under the sovereign allowance of God – completed its attack and Heather was taken out of this world into the arms of her Lord. It was fast, but I will forever be grateful to God for the time He allowed us to prepare and to say goodbye.

(Burrills in Dec. 2011 after surgery 1 of 3 – Left to right: Heather, Levi, Kevin, Judah)

The many months since Heather’s death have been a roller coaster, to put it in the simplest and shallowest terms possible. But, as He has so consistently done throughout the millennia of this world, God has been good far above what was deserved. He has provided me and my two sons with a loving, godly woman named Anna. After a year and a half of getting to know each other, Anna and I were married in October of 2013.

I don’t know all of what lies ahead for me at this stage in the game. But I know what God has taught me so far, what I’m still needing to learn, and that He will complete this perfect work until I see His Son face to face. May God bless this effort – which is nothing more than a desire to brag about His goodness, love, and patience evidenced through our story as it continues to unfold.

I can’t promise a post every day, or every week for that matter – after all, I am a father of two growing and energetic young boys that need my attention and love. But as God teaches me and amazes me, I will make every effort to share it so that more can be taught and amazed and exalt Him as a result.


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