Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Gift of Grace

How to talk,

   When the One with whom you speak does not reply?


How to see,

   When the One you want to gaze on,

   Hides beyond these realms my human eyes can’t see?


How to hear,

   When the One – whose thund’ring voice I need to hear from –

   speaks, instead, through letters, prophet’s words,

   And promptings in the soul?


How to cling to Him,

   A Spirit like the rushing wind?


How to approach Him,

   This One who’s always, fully, there in every place,

   Yet is transcendent?


How to trust,

   In One whose actions we can’t see, hear, touch, or test?


How to know the truth,

   When, on our own, knowing is a flimsy hope at best?




Logic will not lead you here.

Reason’s womb is barren.

Proof is stuck in pudding still,

And Hope is just a helper.


Christian child with questions, or wand’ring soul without,

In the faith with doubts within, or searching all this out,

One thing, and one only

Will connect these crazy dots.

The gift of grace is free,

Simply ask, and it is yours.