Monthly Archives: March 2015

How to Remember?

How to remember?

A question that weighs me down,

For time is my enemy and my friend.

Schedules press and push.


Pictures and words grow fuzzy, unclear,

Dates and specifics will fade,

Like water held in the hand.


But focused attention will help to recall,

the warmth of those days years ago.

The sound of a laugh,

The gleam in an eye,

The joy of the Lord in her soul.


The birth of her sons, which she held in her arms

for mere months before God took her home –

Home to her true Husband.

Home to her true family.

Home to her true home on high.


Who can know the ways of the Lord?

Who has given Him counsel?

Looking back on the moving of His ways,

I can only, ever bow my heart in praise.

And learn to count my moments and my days.