Growing and Yielding

By times, the journey seems to slow down

to an aching crawl.

Fog descends upon the path,

and I can’t tell how far –


How far I’ve come,

or how far I’ve yet to go.


My tendency in times like this

is to work without Your joy.

To push on, just to push on,

Duty holds me on the line.

But, Lord, I know by waiting

You intend a great design.


Knowing what my growth in Christ

will make me in the end –

a righteous saint in sinless white

who lives to serve Your name,

free from sin,

free from fear,

and free from guilt and shame –

knowing this has two effects:

first, boldness in my fate.

But, secondly, impatience

t’ward my present, sinful state.


I want it now.

And this desire that burns within my soul

is not all bad.

To be like You, my goal.


This seed has been planted.

You have promised it will grow.



Many look across the fields

of Your redeemed – the church,

they mourn the lack of lush, green growth,

the dry and dusty earth,

the loss of blessings raining down,

which prayer is said to bring.


But, farmers are not growers;

they cannot make seeds grow.

To farm is to plant, then wait.

But this is not to try and say

there’s little work to do.


Greatest care is taken

to adjust what can be changed

to give each seed conditions

which will fuel the growth within.



But growth is not an action farmers

do for all their seeds.

Nor can the seed self-will itself

into a plant or tree.


Growth has been intended,

Programed by Your hand on high.

It’s rate, it’s height, it’s pace and depth,

all come by Your design.


You call each farmer to his work,

yet You control the fields.


You call each Christian to his growth

yet You will bring the yield.


The project and the outcome

Are Your work from start to end.

But You include me,

So that I can share, along with You,

the joy that comes from harvesting

what, on my own, I could never do.


Grace alone can teach me how to work and wait in one,

Grace alone can promise me that harvests soon will come.



About Kevin Burrill

A Christian, a pastor, a widower, a husband, a father, a thinker, a worshipper, and a teacher - simply seeking to know my God more and more along the journey, and hoping that what I'm learning will impact others as I'm finding out His greatness. View all posts by Kevin Burrill

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