Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Hill


There is a privilege.


I find myself in common trains of thought,

A path well-travelled,

A trail that always leads me

To my pondering of this one tiny word:




I’m not the first to climb these steps,

Or wander up this hillside.

Men and women, boys and girls

Have long since tread where I now trod.


From Moses and David, watching sheep,

To Paul in prisons dark.

To Luther with his courage planted firmly in this place,

And many, many more throughout the ages of the past.


Standing on this hilltop yields a view unseen,

From the valley of routine that lies below.

Here, time stands still.

One can step out of life for a moment,

And turn and look back on it from a vantage point above.


This is the Hill of Truth.




Sometimes I love to come here for a quick refreshing pause.

And sometimes I come crawling back,

Desperate and muddled,

Needing deep, life-saving treatments for my thinking and my heart.


One thing tends to happen here,

No matter if my state is calm or troubled deep within.

When the clear, cool air and panoramic views of truth

Begin to sink down in,


Perspective tends to broaden, yes,

And clarity ensues.

An anchor, like a stallion’s lead,

Tames the wayward wand’rings of my feelings,

Giving them the leadership they unknowingly,

Yet quite desperately need.


And, without fail,

As the cool refreshing truth of God’s great Word,

Pushes out the fog of life

It also points me to this one amazing truth,

That defines and shapes the entirety of all the little

Details of my life:


I am unworthy.

Unworthy to know His truth.

Unworthy to receive His love.

Unworthy to own His saving grace and mercy.


Here on this hill and nowhere else,

I know who and why I am.

The confusing lights of culture’s pressures,

Can’t reach me here.


I can look up to see the stars,

Trillions of reminders bright,

Undimmed in all their message,

Of how truly great You are.


Standing here I learn anew,

Just how small I am.

And, without fail, my heart is moved

To ask a question then:




Why would God Almighty,

Holy Pow’r, Majestic glory undimmed,

Deign to call me His belov’d,

Move to save me from my sins?


Why such grace?

Why such privilege undeserved?


And every other ‘why’

I carry up that sacred hill,

Fades into that bigger ‘why,’

My troubled heart grows still.



A God of New Beginnings, Or a God of One Design?

Here’s a thought to dwell on:

What goes inside your head

When it’s time to start over?

What’s the part you tend to dread

And what’s the part you long for?


There’s the “fresh start” side of things,

You get to try again.

And sometimes there’s the failure side,

That needs to be made right.

“Depends on the circumstance.”

“Depends on the season.”

“Depends on chance,” we muse.

“Depends on the reasons.”

By times we love a new, clean slate,

A chance to build again.

But other times we face the loss

Of all we’d worked to gain.

This is how the nature

Of a new beginning comes.

Some are bright and happy things,

While others weigh a ton.

Now bring the Bible into play.

Consider all it’s truth.

From the days of Noah

Saul and David, Ezra, Ruth.

Has God Himself begun anew,

Or tried a different plan?

Does God go back to drawing boards

To scheme, then try again?

Yes, He started fresh with cleansing floods

And Noah’s sons.

He hit the reset button

More than once in ancient times.

He told a generation

Who were stiff-necked, proud, and scared

That He would start again with all

Their children’s age instead.

He pulled the kingdom promise

From the line of Saul the proud,

And started over with a shepherd

with a heart of love.

But carefully I ponder all these

“Cleanings of the slate.”

In one sense, yes, He started fresh,

But does God make mistakes?

These “restarts” are all linked

To one great, grand design.

A plan that God will not abandon

Not for all of time.


In that sense He never quits

Would never start again.

He promised us a Serpent Crushing

Seed to right our wrongs.


He’s promised to restore all things

to Eden’s sinless rest,

So in another sense

The whole design is starting fresh.

But He didn’t fail, He can’t be blamed

Adam chose to sin.

And we, in Adam, fell away

From all His perfect plans.

All of scripture’s history

Can be described this way,

God, in mercy great is moving

To restore all things,

To start afresh,

To put things back,

A new beginning, free,

Which Christ secured for you and me

For all eternity.

So, as you stand upon the threshold

Of a New Year’s door,

this new beginning Christ has made

should drive your thoughts and goals.