Monthly Archives: July 2014


How can one have courage

to proclaim the name of Christ?

How can one stand boldly

before His all-holy eyes?


How could God the Mighty

find me useful, find me fit;

How could His great purposes

be helped by me a bit?


Why would One who wields

such pow’r unyielding look to me,

to work or speak on His behalf?

Dust I am, and will be.


Why would He – who fills up

ev’ry place that He has made –

choose to send ambassadors

to go and tell His ways?


Why would He, the Omni-Present,

call out, “Who will go?”

Why has He made pots of clay,

through them His grace to show?



Why would God – whose voice could

thunder loud across the skies –

choose to tame my stubborn tongue

to lift His message high?


Why would God Almighty,

thunder’s Maker, lightning’s Lord,

move through subtle promptings,

inner whispers, still small words?


His holy hand of power channels

through our puny forms,

only by the sinless hands,

once nailed in judgment to a cross

where every one of our hands

for our sins deserved to hang.


Through Christ’s vicarious sacrifice,

by grace, my life He owns.

His pow’r is put out on display

by claiming my heart’s throne.


His heart’s delight, His proven way

is taking worthless things,

And finding – in reviving them –

the glory that remaking them will bring.


The day is coming when His might

will tear the skies in two.

The wicked then will tremble

when, in justice good,

He rights all things anew.


But until then, His power

moves in quite a different way:

taking hearts – once useless in

their proud and self-taught ways,

And breaking, shaping, building them

to live to give Him praise.


From worthless branches void of leaves,

and lacking any fruit,

to healthy, vibrant useful lives

connected to the Root.


Thunder is impressive

and God’s pow’r will be a sight!

But don’t forget His work inside

to rid your heart of pride,


To turn you from your useless plans,

and bring you to the place

where He can use you to display

His life-redeeming grace.


He may not part the waters

where you live, or heal the lame,

But He’s bringing hearts – once dead – to life,

through His gospel’s fame.


Consider that the foretold bursting

of His pow’r again,

will be the coming judgment

 on all wickedness and sin,


So mercy is at play

in the restraining of His might.

His remnant is not won in full,

and that’s where we come in.


We take our lives and words

and spread the message of His pow’r –

pow’r to save and pow’r to judge

in His appointed hour.


Lord, make our lives this useful tool,

a proof of Your great strength,

though cracked, and stained, and dirty,

please reflect in us Your grace!