Where Would it End?

In my heart I like to think

that I know better.

In my head I try to twist, to spin, to pry,

my mood and feelings slip into

a dungeon made of pride,

and the grass starts looking greener

on the other side.

“Let the games begin!”

The showdown has begun.

It’s a contest played in secret,

with a matchup, one-on-one.

Standing at the crossroads

I need only ponder this:

Both trails have preset endings,

after turns, and hills, and twists.

These endings are so obvious

because they are not new.

I’ve stood and stared these options down

a dozen times or two.

“Feelings” is the easy trail.

Its promises abound.

But never have they proven true

when all the course is done.

The path called “Truth and Choosing Right”

has warning signs to read:

“Difficult terrain ahead,

Take care, and watch your feet!”

But every time I’ve gone this way,

and climbed that rocky hill,

the end was always worth it,

and the view was quite a thrill.

So then, self,

why the hesitation

when the choices seem so clear?

Simply put,

my selfish heart is fighting strong,

and won’t submit in fear.

To make the choice

and take the path of truth is not in us.

And so I ask, Lord,

tame my heart,

and move me by your grace.

~ Kevin Burrill



About Kevin Burrill

A Christian, a pastor, a widower, a husband, a father, a thinker, a worshipper, and a teacher - simply seeking to know my God more and more along the journey, and hoping that what I'm learning will impact others as I'm finding out His greatness. View all posts by Kevin Burrill

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