Daily: Thoughts on Sanctification



(Thoughts on Sanctification)

~ by Kevin Burrill


Daily I must face the task

Of returning to a place

I never left.

This place has no coordinates,

No, “You are here,”

On the map.

It’s a place that travels with me,

A place that – thankfully –

I can’t escape.


Daily I am on the move,

A journey strange that’s different

From the rest.

This journey is a call to go,

Yet, also, it’s a call to

Firmly stay.

It’s a trip who’s only ending

Is a place that I will never

Fully find.


Daily I must climb the cliffs,

Which I have learned I’m powerless

To climb.

It’s a face without a foothold

For a man to map

his climb on,

A cold, high rock

to fall from.

Yet, my fate is at the top and not

The bottom.


What is this place I can’t escape,

Or ever seem to find?

What is this drive to go and stay,

To do two things at the same time?

What is this rock I cling to

And feel compelled to climb?


This is Christ.

This is His likeness,

And His grace.


Daily I am found in Christ,

And yet, I seek to follow

In His steps.

His grace – the grace that keeps me here –

Drives me on to find Him

To new depths.

And so I’m here already

While I’m seeking still

to find Him.


Daily I am called to go,

To learn and share with others

As I grow.

But how to journey out from here

When chains of God’s great power

Keep my soul?

What does it mean to hear the call to go

And heed the warning, “stay”?


The call to journey is not “out,” but “in.”

My Anchor – the location where the trail begins,

To chart the channels of the Rock of Life,

And map out His perfections with more light.


Daily I’m compelled to climb

This cliff of sanctification,

Steep and high.

Fear of falling, risk of pain –

Not much motivation

For the climb.

Only truth can drive me on,

The truth that comes by grace,

That all my efforts are in vain,

Yet I will

win the race.


Every time I try, and slip,

And call to God for help,

I’m lifted to a higher ledge

I’d not have reached myself.


Some would set up camp,

Content to make this ledge their home.

It’s higher than they’d hope to gain,

So why risk falling

Down again?

Forgetting it was Him, not them,

Concerned He might not do it again.


This is a puzzle, to be sure,

One on which I mull and pour:

We cannot win the top alone,

God will fuel our growth alone,

And in this life, the task will

Not be done.


It sounds like vict’ry and defeat.

We cannot move our hearts,

Only our feet.


The “It is Finished!” here applies,

‘Tis here that God will open

up our eyes.


We work and climb and toil and strain

We passionately seek to gain

The next ground.

Yet not because we hope to win,

Or for our trying get rewarded with

The vict’ry then.


As odd as it might seem to some

We climb, because we’ve already

Won the top!


Daily I must come again to this – that never left –

The truth that all I have in Christ is

Already not yet.


With every reaching effort of my strength

That’s doomed to fall,

Grace is put out on display

And Christ is shown as All.


So why should we both go and stay,

And seek what we now own?

Why should we explore and climb

And risk and toil on?

Why do we need more of Christ

If all of Him we hold

Already now?

Why study hard, and then apply

His Word that feels so old and stale

By times?

To show to all that what we hold by grace

Has priceless worth!

To say to God – who gave this gift –

A “thank you” beyond words!


Every time we try in vain

and He steps in to intervene

In unconditioned love,

The gospel is unpacked to see

and daily grace is manifest as

Hearts are moved to

Praise their Maker-King!


So daily we must try,

Daily we should work,

Daily we must risk the climb,

To let Him show through us what He can do.


About Kevin Burrill

A Christian, a pastor, a widower, a husband, a father, a thinker, a worshipper, and a teacher - simply seeking to know my God more and more along the journey, and hoping that what I'm learning will impact others as I'm finding out His greatness. View all posts by Kevin Burrill

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