If I Could Change a Heart: A Father’s Prayer



If I could change a heart,

could turn it left or right,

I’d reach into these boys of mine

and steer them to the Light.

The sweetness of their ages,

all their habits, traits, and charm

will never ever be enough

to thwart the curse’s harm.

They’re fun, they’re cute, they’re handsome, yes,

But one hard fact remains:

Like me, they’re part of Adam’s race.

Sin’s death will have its claim.

Their heritage is dark and grim,

Through me they’ve learned to sin,

And still, before this learning curve,

Adam’s death began.

Their souls are lost, their spirits dead,

They’re enemies of God.

And with no turning of their hearts,

Hell will be their plot.

Hope of hope! There is a way

to change this pathway’s end.

Jesus died, absorbed God’s wrath

and justice has been won.

They only need to call to God

to save them from their sins,

to ask to enter Christ’s pure life,

and place their lives in Him.

This door of hope is opened wide,

but stands, just there, behind;

They’ve only just begun to know

its presence in their minds.

If I could choose abilities,

or pick one God-owned pow’r,

I’d gain the might to turn them ’round

and lead them through that door!

To overcome the shiny pull

of sin that holds their gaze,

to cause the lights of pleasure here

to pale in the light of grace.

I’d build a wall so high, so thick,

the devil could not rob

their safety, trust, or joy away,

or turn them from their God.

I’d arm them with the steel of trust,

titanium of faith,

then send them out to bring more in

and spread the news of grace.

If I could only change a heart,

could turn it left or right…

But God, in wisdom full and deep,

has not assigned this might.

Now this is not to say that I

should sit on idle hands.

The Maker of my children’s hearts

includes me in His plans.

While I cannot move their hearts to change,

I pray, “O Lord on high,

Use me as an instrument

to draw them to Your side!

Purge me of my lazy pride

and help me lead in love.

Show to them a view of Christ

that’s real and true enough.

As I take their hands in mine,

I reach for Your hand too,

preparing for the day to come

when my hands are removed.

Lord, make my hands a selfless channel

of Your perfect grace,

so when they are removed one day

and by Your hands replaced,

my boys will sense but little change

and find their source of strength

anchored still in Calv’ry’s Rock

to guide them on their way.

Lord, though I cannot change their hearts,

I know how You’ve changed mine.

I beg You now to use my life

to capture theirs in time.”

~ Kevin Burrill

Dec. 16, 2013


About Kevin Burrill

A Christian, a pastor, a widower, a husband, a father, a thinker, a worshipper, and a teacher - simply seeking to know my God more and more along the journey, and hoping that what I'm learning will impact others as I'm finding out His greatness. View all posts by Kevin Burrill

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