The Glory in Your Pain

I was challenged by the discussion in this video this morning. And, since it covers many of the topics I’ve been learning about, experiencing and expressing through this blog, I thought I’d share it. Take a few minutes to watch it. You’ll be challenged about how we have allowed wrong thinking about suffering to creep in unawares.

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The Glory in Your Pain


It’s as counterintuitive as it is true: affliction is often the tool of liberation that God uses to usher us into the freedom for which we were made.

In a new video, Paul Tripp, Tullian Tchividjian, and Dave Furman explore the dimensions of divine grace available only in the crucibles of human suffering. “There’s nothing like suffering to reveal how small and needy you are,” observes Tchividjian, author of Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free [interview]. “Pain has the remarkable capacity to reveal the weakness of the things you’re leaning on to make life worth living.”

Furman, pastor of Redeemer Church of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, shares from experience how a degenerative disease in his arms profoundly affects even the smallest parts of his life. As Tripp notes, God’s design in our pain enables us to look back and say: “He loves me enough to take me where I would have never wanted to go in order to produce in me what I never could have achieved on my own.”

Watch the full eight-minute video (link below) to hear these pastors discuss the violence of grace, theologians of glory, wimpy Westerners, and more.

(VIDEO LINK: CLICK HERE, or click on the image below)

Glory in Your Pain


Matt Smethurst serves as associate editor for The Gospel Coalition and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. You can follow him on Twitter.


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